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Category: Ridgid PVC FILM
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Rigid PVC

Pentaplas supplies a range of Rigid PVC in various widths and gauges to the Vac forming industry. We are able to supply customised PVC in various colours and also slit according to your requirements based on minimum order quantities.

  • Thickness:150 – 750 microns
  • Widths:76mm to 1100mm



Rigid PVC is extremely  versatile and can be used in a vast amount of applications such as

  • Stationery
  • Digtal Printing
  • Thermoformed Products (food and meat trays, blister packs, component trays
  • Transparent Box Manufacturing (Cosmetic and component boxes)
  • Microwavable Food Packaging (Tubs, Lids, Cups as well as containers for confectionery)
  • High Frequency welded blister packs
  • Cooling Tower Fill